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- Pastured PORK -

Shiloh Forest Farm


Raising animals ethically, sustainably, and naturally is always a priority at Shiloh Forest Farm, and our pork is no exception.  Our pigs enjoy top quality feed, clean water, and bedding on a daily basis.  We are currently expanding forest pasture to better accomodate the free range lifestyle that all of our animals enjoy.

Professionally processed, cut, wrapped, and frozen at a federally licensed slaughterhouse facility.  We are currently selling Pork by the cut or by the side.

Pork sides will be sold for $4 per pound hanging weight, plus processing fees. There are a variety of cutting and processing options including gluten free sausage and nitrate free curing.  

Call or email for more details.

250-752-6545  or  fiona@shilohforest.ca

Here is our current pork pricelist by the cut: