We have been working hard to fill our freezers. We have grown some of Vancouver Island's finest Chicken, Beef, Pork and Turkey which is all ready to go.

Check the links below for more information and prices on what we have available.

Click here to check out our full line-up of available products.

We have provided information on how each animal is raised, and helpful links that show the incredible benefits that come from eating meat that is naturally raised.  

We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Make your own mixed meat freezer box and save! 

We are currently offering an additional 5% discount for every $100 purchase, up to a maximum of 15% off your order.

Choose the cuts that you want from our selection of Beef, Pork and whole chicken to make your box.



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Introducing - Pork by the Side!

We are now taking orders for our wonderful naturally raised pork by the side.  If you are looking to fill your freezer with ethically raised pork, click here to find out more.